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What is a dad hat ?

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¬† What Is It ?¬† If you're a¬†millennial, or a person really,¬†you've probably heard the term¬†'dad hat'¬†in the past and might have actually¬†seen a few IRL. ¬† That's¬†cause¬†dad hats¬†have been blowing up the past¬†couple of¬†years and¬†like all fashion trendz that come and go, dad hats are becoming a thing again apparently ? ¬† I see them a lot these days, especially at the gym. Now if you¬†have no idea¬†what a dad hat is,¬†its basically what the name implies.¬† ¬† 'So is it like, a hat dads wear or whatever?'¬† ūü§Ē ehh¬†kinda ? .. It's pretty much like a baseball hat...

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